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HanseGrand the solution
                         …for bicycle paths

We recommend as top layer:

HanseGrand plus Stabilizer

For approx. twenty years the natural plant-based binding agent Stabilizer has been used to produce high-quality and highly functional covers in the so-called water-bound construction method which has a good to very good water permeability and dust reduction alongside high strength and stability. Thus, HanseGrand pluS Stabilizer covers can be considered unsealed surfaces which require distinctly less maintenance compared to conventional mineral covers. Primarily for very frequently used or creatively pleasing paths and squares they provide an excellent solution, if an “open attachment” is required. Path gradients of more than 6 per cent can be produced without any problems as well.

- The mineral aggregate for HanseGrand plusS Stabilizer covers are produced regionally, with precise specifications for stones and grading curve. The installation is easy and can be carried out by local companies.

The application areas of HanseGrand pluS Stabilizer path covers are:

  • foot and bicycle paths of all kinds
  • town and village squares, amateur soccer fields
  • historic grounds, parks
  • tree grates, paths in root zones
  • extensive parking spaces / accesses

Advantages – Stabilizer binding agent - the original natural binder

The original Stabilizer binding agent is environmentally friendly, ecological, natural, organic, long lasting, non-toxic, colourless.


HanseGrand pluS Stabilizer cover layers for garden and landscape construction:

  • are permeable to air and water
  • comply with the Stabilizer grading curve
  • reduce dust development
  • have a pleasant micro climate
  • do not seal the surfaces
  • have a natural appearance on account of the loose grain proportion on the surface
  • can be planned / built according to the standard construction methods for water-bound cover layers
  • keep the colour of the natural crushed stones as the binding agent is colourless and mat
  • can be re-used
  • can be repaired without any problems re-using the material removed
  • cause no special fees at dumping grounds
  • have a long service life
  • cause low maintenance costs

We recommend as an alternative:

HanseGrand Robust

HanseGrand is used increasingly as a water-bound cover on footpaths and bicycle paths as well as in sports and park grounds. On account of the positive experience, a cover has been developed with the properties of HanseGrand together with users, which can be used by passenger cars, lorries and tractors. This product line has been named HanseGrand Robust. If these paths should be made dirty at some time by dirty vehicle tyres, the self-cleaning is supported by the grain size 0/11 mm. Nonetheless these paths can be used by tourists.



New construction of agricultural and forestry paths, repair of old agricultural paths made of gravel, tracing plates and bitumen covers, car parts, bicycle  paths.



HanseGrand Robust is a pure natural building material made of high-quality raw materials, such as hard crushed stone, binding special gravel and natural stone. HanseGrand Robust is absolutely environmentally compatible and is permanently quality-tested.


HanseGrand Robust is aggregate-stable, shear-stable, weatherproof and easy to process. On account of the low fines content, HanseGrand Robust achieves a good water management and a minimum of dust development.

Technical data:

HanseGrand Robust has a grain size of 0 to 11 mm, installation weight: 2.00 t/cum. The quality control is carried out by Institute Anton Morbach of 29664 Walsrode, Germany.

Processing information:
HanseGrand Robust is placed in a thickness of 4 cm (80 kg/sqm) on the gravel substrate and is dynamically compacted (vibrator, vibratory roller). Placing gradient >= 3 per cent.