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HanseGrand the solution
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We recommend as dynamic layer:


HanseMineral® is placed as a dynamic layer between the base layer and the HanseGrand superstructure. HanseMineral® distinctly increases the long-term load-bearing capacity of water-bound paths. In addition, it closes the gap in the grading between the base layer and the cover layer. HanseMineral® is especially suitable to re-profile rutty paths.

We recommend as top layer:

HanseGrand top layer

All water-bound covers of the delivery programme, which have the names HanseGrand and HanseGrand pluS, are mixtures of minerals, of which the shearing strength, the water permeability as well as the requirements of The Landscape Development and Landscaping Research Society (FLL) are ensured.  In order to be able to react to customer requests and regional requirements, HanseGrand and HanseGrand pluS come in several variants of colours. As natural raw materials only are used, slight colour variations are possible. Regional production sites ensure short supply routes at favourable conditions and thus minimising the impact on the environment.

From convent gardens to regional parks, from state horticultural shows and baroque gardens to castle grounds, widely varied requirements are imposed on HanseGrand which are harmonised and further developed again and again with landscape architects and planning offices as well as with the local authorities and federations. In case of special challenges, we will be pleased to develop your own regional path cover.


Ask us and we will help you select the right path cover.