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HanseGrand Patentweg®*
 …quick and without damaging roots!


HanseGrand®Patentweg consists of a geotextile specifically made for this purpose with flexible edges incorporated. All HanseGrand and HanseGrand pluS Stabilizer path covers can be used as filling material. HanseGrand pluS Stabilizer path covers satisfy high standards on load-bearing capacity and water permeability, especially for erosion-prone surfaces and paths.

Where is the HanseGrand Patentweg used?

Repair work:

The problem is known on every building yard. Old paths are rutty, caked with humus layers, smeary and covered with roots. The road bed excavation is technically complicated, time-consuming and expensive. HanseGrand Patentweg with incorporated edges is a geotextile developed for this purpose specifically. On account of the known advantages of geotextile, dirt and new layer are separated and the point load is converted into distributed load. After laying HanseGrand Patentweg, HanseGrand top layer is used for filling up.

Temporary paths:

Park grounds and building areas are recreated, paths are replanned and built. After the official opening: Paths are missing, and dirt trails develop which had not been planned. Subsequent professional path construction is not possible anymore. In this case HanseGrand Patentweg comes in handy. Path construction for short-time exhibitions on lawns and gravel grounds is no problem anymore by mans of HanseGrand Patentweg. Moreover, HanseGrand Patentweg can be moved easily and can be reused including the path cover.


Frequently the cover material is eroded at gradient sections. By using the two-sided rough surface of HanseGrand Patentweg, the erosion and slipping of the cover material is reduced distinctly (principle: double-sided adhesive tape).

Forest paths, game reserves, wildlife parks:

Path construction without bed excavation. The HanseGrand Patentweg is the ideal basis for path construction without damaging the roots.


*Registered Trademark of HanseGrand