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HanseGrand tree cover
        …water- and air permeable


HanseGrand®pluS Stabilizer cover layers are permeable to air and extremely to water, and remain permanently dynamic as well as elastic. Even sensitive tree species are well cared for. The tree can grow freely and the rootstock can expand. The exchange of water and gas is ensured. A durable and low-maintenance tree grate is created with ideal conditions for the growth of roots. For design aspects many colours can be chosen from the range of products. From grey and red to yellow natural pavement cover materials are available for individual solutions in many regional productions. Thus, a tree cover with HanseGrand pluS Stabilizer is a permanent, low-maintenance and ecological solution.


Structure for newly planted trees:

For planting a new tree, a suitable tree substrate is filled up to 10 cm below the final plant height. The HanseGrand mineral mixture can be used up to the tree trunk. HanseMineral® is the ideal dynamic layer (6 cm) between tree substrate and cover layer; used as the top surface layer HanseGrand® is combined with Stabilizer in a thickness of 4 cm (compacted). At this point it is important to make sure that the individual layers are compacted without vibration to prevent any damage of the roots. In case of new plants, it is recommended to provide an irrigation possibility in addition in order to be able to provide water in case of dryness, if and when necessary.

Existing stock of trees:

In this case HanseGrand pluS Stabilizer can be used as cover layer materials later as well. The subsurface has to be tested for water permeability. The old cover layer should be removed without damaging the roots (using vacuum extraction technique, for example).

Caution: Avoid the roots from drying. Subsequently the dynamic layer can be produced with HanseMineral . As a cover layer, HanseGrand pluS cover layer is applied without vibrating machines again (using roller or hand stamper, for example). This action has produced a useful, water and air permeable tree grate.