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Side walk ways and manoeuvring areas


The DB Bahn and other companies have high demands for the building materials for side walk ways and manoeuvring areas. Additionally, the used building materials are supposed to be available everywhere and to be of the same quality. Our products meet these criteria without exception.


The essential properties required here are:


  • shear strength of the top layer
  • high water permeability
  • erosion-resistance
  • good night visibility
  • long service life


All demands listed above are perfectly met by our product HanseGrand Robust.

Path covers


High quality path covers with long service life for parking and storage areas, as well as for maintenance roads besides the tracks, can be manufactured with our products without a problem.


Special applications


For railway construction, HanseGrand has been working on special applications as well.


Examples include:


  • Ballast-bonding
  • Cable-protection


Boths applications resulted out of the demands of rail road construction.


Ballast-bonding is a method that prevents ballast from flying around inside of tunnels and around tunnel mouths.


Cable-protection is a method that protects cable channels and switch boxes from and fire damage caused by game animals.